Post Wax Shaving Kit

Post Wax Shaving Kit

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Se-Brazil Shaving Treatment Includes:

(1) Se-Brazil Green Cream

(1) Se-Brazil Ouch Balm Oil

(1) Application Brush 

(1) Sample of Se-Brazil Calm Serum

(1) Sample of Se-Brazil Personal Cleansing Bar



Apply the Se-Brazil Green Cream with the Application Brush in the area that needs to be shaved.

Make sure the Green Cream is applied thick. 

Shave off the Se-Brazil Green Cream

For Sensitive areas apply the Ouch Balm Oil immediately after shaving.


Se-Brazil Green Cream:

Se-Brazil Bye-Bump Green Cream is a simple one-of-a-kind ingrown hair treatment for ingrown hairs, folliculitis, and body pimples. The Bye-Bump Green Cream can be used as a spot treatment after waxing or applied to use as a shaving cream.


Se-Brazil Ouch Balm Oil:

Our Ouch Balm Oil can be used all over the body after waxing, shaving, and on any skin irritations. This super-hydrating oil is perfect for all skin types


Se-Brazil Calm Serum:

Se-Brazil Calm Serum can be used after waxing or any hair removal service to calm irritated skin. Calm Serum can also be used to hydrate skin after bug bites, eczema, or any irritation.


Se-Brazil Personal Cleansing Bar:

Our Personal Cleansing Bar is perfect for the most sensitive and intimate areas.